Broadway Beltress, Janet Dacal and film composer/ arranger/ producer Carlos José Alvarez, are two Cuban-Americans, collaborating musically on a project that takes the American Songbook and gives it a Cuban twist. These two young and brilliant talents join forces to bring you a magical evening of what is surely to be a fresh Cuban take on something quintessentially American.   Ms. Dacal's Broadway stage experience coupled with Mr. Alvarez's fiery arrangements and cinematic musical sensibility could not be a more perfect vehicle to honor and pay tribute to the American and Cuban musical masters that have come before them.  The Cuban community has never been short on talent and this new generation is certain to keep the legacy alive.  Alvarez has put together an all-star band of musicians that have performed with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Tony Bennet, Phil Collins and Celia Cruz, to name a few.  This electrifying ensemble paired with Ms. Dacal's sultry vocal styling culminate in a performance that will transport you and leave you spellbound.